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Posted by MissHannah , 13 January 2013 · 47 views

I remember her walking in and seeing us. I remember he looked embarassed and moved away, pretty quickly. I don't remember him leaving.
I remember being in the bedroom, with her shouting and screaming at me. She wanted me to tell her we had been doing.

I don't remeber the exact words of those questions, i know what they were implying though. I remember feeling humiliated and exposed. I remember feeling dirty. I remember feeling like i had done something wrong.

The next day, a neighbour who lived upstairs made a comment on how loud i'd been crying, she thought i didn't want to go to bed.

What i don't remember is what happened after this, if it was ever mentioned again?

She didn't know i remembered this. Until my ex accidently, i'm sure, let her see something i had written down about this.

I don't know if shes aware that i know she seen this. Either way, why hasn't it been brought up.

If it isn't that black and white, i'd be doing everything in my power to make sure my child didn't believe there was a chance i didn't do enough. So why isn't she?

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