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Posted by MissHannah , 30 March 2013 · 127 views

Last night was hard, but my friend stayed up til she fell asleep with her phone in her hand, texting me. It made be so much lese lonely. She is so wonderful. I'm sending her and my cousin letters.

In bed, just had some milk and the limited edition snickers, yum. :cuppa:

Made my mum a care package to take to her tomorrow. A book, kinder bueno'...


New to me

Posted by MissHannah , 29 March 2013 · 123 views

I'm feeling overwhlemed at peoples kindness to me. It's making me want to cry.


Just my life..

Posted by MissHannah , 28 March 2013 · 117 views

I had nice time with my boyfriend yesterday, we ordered a pizza, watched brave but kept falling asleep so missed all of it but nevermind :). The friend I have coming up on Monday, we have been texting more and keeping touch which is great :D. I'm so hoping to meet up with my other friend, we are both nervous but hoping we can get out soon.

I foun...



Posted by MissHannah , 25 March 2013 · 128 views

I have alot to talk I see I need to be talking more. Sharing here especially :)/>. I had a hard day, while waiting for my boyfriend to come home I started having flashbacks and I feel shy saying this but I'm proud that I looked after myself. I just got into bed, which has nice clean sheets on it and slept til he got home. We made a pot of tea...



Posted by MissHannah , 23 March 2013 · 130 views

Yesterday's therpay went well. A is really pleased at the progress. We spoke about sme different distraction methods I can use but made sure there some to use in different situations. It will be about 2 weeks before I see her again I think. When I do, we have come with a plan for that appointment. I'll go down and meet her, try a walk we have plan...



Posted by MissHannah , 18 March 2013 · 134 views

Since starting to work on myself and my healing Iím questioning what I believe in. I wasnít raised with a religion, neither of my parents had specific believes. I havenít ever really questioned that much and havenít really believed in anything. I have had experiences that make me wonder about things. I believe there is something, I donít know what but som...


Three pm

Posted by MissHannah , 17 March 2013 · 119 views

I have been getting overwhelmed lately. I remind myself I need balance and that I'm not a bad person though I don't always believe myself.

Getting my life back on track terrifies me, what if I can't manage. It's easier being broken, that way no one can criticise me because I do it myself. I feel guilty for not feeling great all the time....


Happy :)

Posted by MissHannah , 15 March 2013 · 114 views

Yesterday I had the group. It went so much better than I coukd have expected. The ladies are so lovely, we all seemed to gel quite quickly. One of them complimented me and another went out of her way to say bye to me. I have had such a bad experience with females, I need to remeber they aren't all the same. I think I could make some friends here, and...


Positive things.

Posted by MissHannah , 10 March 2013 · 119 views

I'm trying to make this a habit, listing all of the things that I'm grateful for and starting to enjoy.

Drinking tea and reading poetry
Sharing secrets
Making new friends
Opening up to old ones
Reconnecting with family
My cat
Having a boyfriend who loves me
Having a guilt free orgasm :yahoo:
The possibility of having a relaxing bath


In the right direction

Posted by MissHannah , 09 March 2013 · 111 views

On Thursday I had my 3rd appointment with A at home, she's really happy with the progress I'm making. The biggest difference I'm noticing is how I'm thinking. Before she arrived I was geting anxious because I wasn't ready yet but suddenly I started thinking it's just the adrenaline etc. That's a big help to me, a part in th...

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