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Red Soldiers

Posted by Simpletruth , 05 August 2013 · 67 views

Last time I spoke,
But this time I'll let the red Soldiers carry my pain to the box.
Promise me you'll pretend that you can't see?
My red Soldiers never fail.
I'm dying.
I'm sorry.
But can't you see?
My red Soldiers are walking all over me.


2:00am (tw for really explicit sexual stuff) :

Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal, Poetry 05 August 2013 · 181 views

You keep asking me what I want.
So here it is.
I want soft tender kisses,
Lip kisses,
Neck kisses,
Throat kisses,
Everywhere kisses.
All over.
I want tugging.
Rough, callous hands.
Smooth, tender eyes.
I don't want sex.
But maybe everything else.
Maybe you can rewrite old wrongs,
With more than just looks.
Maybe we can re-tell the s...



Posted by Simpletruth , 04 August 2013 · 108 views

I'll just keep writing here.
Because my head's in too much turmoil,
I'm hoping that if I write long enough,
Clarity will make it's way to me.
But that's not the way this works,
Is it?



Posted by Simpletruth , 04 August 2013 · 49 views

I'll just cry.
Because pain is such a familiar taste.
Gosh, joy, you lasted too long.
Am I overreacting?
I'm sorry.
But you're dishonesty can't be accounted for.
I can't control what I don't know.
Lack of control equates fear.
Are you waiting for me?
Because I waited for you?
My walls are up,
Are yours?
I guess that...


Aborted Imaginations (2):

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 04 August 2013 · 54 views

The moon isn't bright enough,
The stars don't shine high enough.
My heart isn't big enough.
Your words aren't strong enough.
There just isn't enough,
For me to be okay.

Trust is so linked to protection,
That the hint of a lie,
Is the hint of the paranoia.
Hurricanes hurtling toward my heart.
Back away.
I need space.

Space always seem...


Aborted Imaginations (1):

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 04 August 2013 · 69 views

So back up, back up
Back to the beginning,
Let's remember what's real and what's not.
I'm standing in the rain,
Pouring till it's skinning,
Skin right off my back.
And I'm telling you go,
Begging you to stay,
Wondering when your words will make me feel okay,
How can I trust you,
When you're hidden behind walls?

You want keys,...


Losing myself...losing you...

Posted by Simpletruth , 04 August 2013 · 59 views

So here's to nothing.
You said : "whatever is necessary I would do it...I don't want to lose you because of my bad habits cause I really do love you."
I'm scared.
I'm tired.
Please don't do this.



Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal 01 August 2013 · 72 views

I know I'm broken,
It's not a secret.
It's why they leave,
And why I keep it
But I'm craving the soothing,
You promised me peace.
Not the God kind,
But the good kind,
The kind that helps me sleep.
So I'm sorry that I'm overbearing.
That I make you want to scream,
And that late at night when you should be sleeping,


Water's Doom...

Posted by Simpletruth , in My Songs 31 July 2013 · 173 views

She's sitting in the darkness,
She stares across the room,
She can't think through ths madness,
Is this a house or a tomb?
Can you help me?
She says slowly...

Get me out of here
Overwhelming fear,
I'm trying to escape,
The walls are closing,
Help me.
Get me out of here,
Overwhelming fear
One more look inside that room,
And my lungs will fill...



Posted by Simpletruth , 30 July 2013 · 58 views

Fear grips me.
Okay maybe not fear.
But I'm anxious,
I don't want to miss you.
I don't want to need you.
There are rules!
My brain is pissed.
No missing,
No needing,
No attachment,
No extra-thought.
And there has been a bit of all.
Today has been harder.
Because there is a truth that now exists.
Can we make that truth an i...

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