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Losing myself...losing you...

Posted by Simpletruth , 04 August 2013 · 38 views

So here's to nothing.
You said : "whatever is necessary I would do it...I don't want to lose you because of my bad habits cause I really do love you."
I'm scared.
I'm tired.
Please don't do this.



Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal 01 August 2013 · 46 views

I know I'm broken,
It's not a secret.
It's why they leave,
And why I keep it
But I'm craving the soothing,
You promised me peace.
Not the God kind,
But the good kind,
The kind that helps me sleep.
So I'm sorry that I'm overbearing.
That I make you want to scream,
And that late at night when you should be sleeping,


Water's Doom...

Posted by Simpletruth , in My Songs 31 July 2013 · 117 views

She's sitting in the darkness,
She stares across the room,
She can't think through ths madness,
Is this a house or a tomb?
Can you help me?
She says slowly...

Get me out of here
Overwhelming fear,
I'm trying to escape,
The walls are closing,
Help me.
Get me out of here,
Overwhelming fear
One more look inside that room,
And my lungs will fill...



Posted by Simpletruth , 30 July 2013 · 31 views

Fear grips me.
Okay maybe not fear.
But I'm anxious,
I don't want to miss you.
I don't want to need you.
There are rules!
My brain is pissed.
No missing,
No needing,
No attachment,
No extra-thought.
And there has been a bit of all.
Today has been harder.
Because there is a truth that now exists.
Can we make that truth an i...


Love meets infatuation (tw for explicit language)

Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal 29 July 2013 · 39 views

We kissed.
But it wasnt just kissing.
It was all out,
Full fledged,
Soft lips,
Heart throbbing,
Open palm,
And I craved you closer,
And you pulled me closer,
And now I'm scared.
You made all these promises,
You said you loved me,
And then you cried,
The truth overwhelmed you.
What the hell am I doing?
I want to have sex.
I want it over and d...


Ditching forever (tw for language):

Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal 24 July 2013 · 38 views

I want to ditch you.
And you.
Maybe not you.
But everything is debatable.
My whole life is a variable.
I want to be drunk.
Or maybe not that far gone,
I just want to quit sitting in the bubble of regretful mourning,
And cross over into the illusion of fun,
I'll do anything for illusions any day,
Easier than abandoning ideas of safety,
And succumbing t...


Fading :

Posted by Simpletruth , 24 July 2013 · 33 views

I'm fading into the darkness.
It's so hard to fight it.
I want to succumb to the pain,
I don't want to feel anything,
I hate being numb,
Please just clock me out,
Hang me high and dry,
Drive me to the edge,
Push me through those doors.
And I'm falling,
Faster into the abyss.
Maybe I can't avoid the...


Aaron's Contract

Posted by Simpletruth , 19 July 2013 · 33 views

I, Aaron Acosta, hereby solemnly swear on this day Friday 19th July, 2013 that I shall no longer participate in the recreational use of marijuana, also known as weed, kush and by all it's other names, in any form or fashion including food, smoking and any other forms of consumption. I make this promise before God and my friend Sadie Isidore, to whom I...



Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal 15 July 2013 · 48 views

I'm infested with some sort of sick desire to be held by the one that hurts.
I'm infested by some sort of sick illusion, that the pain inside me is worth it.
I don't want to care,
I don't want to feel,
No one's coming back,
Nope, this isn't real,
Get a box of matches,
Trim it tried and true,
Burn the world down slowly,
That sounds...



Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal 15 July 2013 · 33 views

Well I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that he's there and I'm here,
I'm sorry that I feel this way,
I'm sorry.
But I'm tired.
Oh so tired.
I just can do this.
I'm tired.
Too tired to this anymore.

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