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Evil (tw for language)

Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal 25 January 2014 · 112 views

I was born into a world where my concept of evil was,
Limited to movies that I couldn't watch,
Books that I couldn't read,
Thoughts that I shouldn't have,
Till that bead.
Till the voices.
Till I was trying to use the bodies of little ones to communicate with the beyond.
But evil?
That was just coping mechanisms.
Childhood exuberance doused in fantasy.
Somewhere along the lines,
We forgot that evil was not contained in fictionous fools who drenched their wands in something real,
And that not watching that channel,
Didn't contain the spirits that sought to tear my life even further apart.
They were walking in my room quite comfortably,
While mother dearest creep and stared,
And prayed,
Like a Agood Christian should,
And would.
While they directed,
While they comforted,
While they held my hand,
You prayed.
You were good.
But good wasn't safe,
And it wasn't kind,
And it wasn't good.
'Twas blasphemy in the face of good.
So don't stand there and lecture me about the ills of shows,
That evil doesn't even make my toes quake,
There aren't nightmares bigger than the fear that freezes my very core,
And sends my frozen heart spiraling.
So don't you fucking lecture me Lorraine.
Because this is getting old.
This whole tirade about spirits in your house.
They fucking lived here.

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