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A twist of bittersweet :

Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal, Poetry 08 September 2013 · 45 views

How does one leave behind,
A love they never meant to find,
For one staring them frankly in face,
That was the problem.
I never made him wait.
I got impatient,
Blamed it on God.
But I was tired.
I needed someone,
And he was there.
But you.
Willing to wait.
And you're calling out years.
That sounds crazy.
Aren't you scared?
Of time?
Of people?
Of other opportunities?
Yeah, you're currently occupied.
But I feel like you're only biding time,
Till the right one comes along,
Cause I could never be her,
Too far into my shell,
Yet you're tugging,
Let me help you,
Let me,
You're whispering,
You're obedient,
Not submissive,
And I'm talking.
I'm not pushing things to far,
I say if it's the word that I want,
And sometimes you say it,
And tis better that way,
So you're not my drug dealer,
But my friend.
But I'm scared.
Scared that to let you in,
I'll have to fight against the social barriers of everything that doesn't,
Shouldn't matter,
But does,
And I'm so tired,
That I haven't even stopped to consider,
whether you might be worth it.
Too tired to contemplate the possibility,
That you could be everything that I need right now.
So wait?
And if you don't I guess your timer ran out.
Same old,
Same old,
I expect nothing less.
But if you do,
The surprise will be worth it.
Maybe just maybe,
Maybe won't be maybe forever.

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