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Chills and cringes ((TW))



Posted by ptsdthrowmeaway , 30 September 2012 · 8 views

I have not been taking care of myself well this weekend. I haven't showered in like 2 days.... I gotta shave before kickboxing today. Tmi probably.

Anyways, I've been taking my meds around 6am and going back to sleep till 10. I hope this works for school when I have to wake up earlier.

I'm trying to get my assignments done early this wee...



Posted by ptsdthrowmeaway , 29 September 2012 · 9 views

It's so hard not to be lazy on the weekends. I took all my meds early, then I slept till 11. I eventually got a lot of cleaning done, helped my fiance with the groceries, and got the first part of my lab assignment done.

Got a few chills and discomfort today, nothing too horrible. Got more work to finish now before I get distracted by something else.



Posted by ptsdthrowmeaway , 28 September 2012 · 28 views

I took my meds at 5:45 and went back to sleep until my alarm went off. I think it worked okay. Took my math test and i'm not sure how i did. I'm still kind of shaken up about the recent sexual assault on campus so I think i'm gonna skip my next class. I need to relax before I snap.

Got some relaxation in yesterday and made some note ca...



Posted by ptsdthrowmeaway , 27 September 2012 · 8 views

I am so fucking mad at myself.... I woke up late, at 7:30 when my class is supposed to start. I didn't even go to my second class because the first one was the important one. I didn't want to wake up at all but I have an appointment with my psychiatrist... I really need to study for my test tomorrow. I think I have to skip my lab today to get...



Posted by ptsdthrowmeaway , 26 September 2012 · 8 views

Woke up and took my white pill, one yellow, and two blues. Not sure if I should name my medication on here so I'll just go by colors.

So I got up pretty much on time today, just barely late for class, but i'm here so, so far, so good.

Forgot to mention, I woke up early to take my pills, and went back to sleep for another half hour. Maybe that...


Starting off.

Posted by ptsdthrowmeaway , 25 September 2012 · 17 views

I see my psychiatrist every two weeks. We've been trying since the beginning of summer to find a good balance of meds. The semester started a month or so ago and he's still adding new prescriptions. Of course every session involves a series of questions about how I've been since the last appointment. It seems like at the end of the week, I...

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