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Short vent

Posted by ptsdthrowmeaway , 06 September 2012 · 29 views

Last semester was really tough for me because I started going to a new university, where I started to use their mental health services. I started therapy and medication while taking 12 credits and working 2 part time jobs.

At the end of the semester I passed 3 classes with a C, and failed the other class which I am re-taking this semester. This put me on academic probation.

Now, one of my jobs is a weekend job that I've had since high school where I make tips only. I recently took a leave of absence from this job.
My other job is at the community college I graduated from last year. It's part of the same system as my new university. I just finally got a raise to $9/hr and I worked my ass off the whole summer doing my boss's work. Today I found out that the university system is having me terminated because of my academic standing.

On one hand, i'm a little relieved because there was so much pressure to fill in for my favorite supervisor, who has been very sick lately. However, I have NO JOB now so I am relying completely on my housing payments from financial aid to cover my half of the rent and bills. I feel like such a lazy loser wife. I haven't even told my fiance that I lost my job at the school yet.

Shit sucks.

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