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Freaks me out!

Posted by shatteredAli , 17 August 2012 · 88 views

Well day two of SSRI withdrawl. Wow. I am hanging in there. I feel like I have a bad flu with all sorts of psychiatric symptoms. I have been fine then I bust into tears out of nowhere. I have been listening to music all day. It always makes me feel better.

So this morning I had a bit of a panic attack going to the doctor's office for cast removal (oh yes I had a broken arm on top of everything else...clutz right here). I was nervous leaving the house and the further I got the more anxious I became. I got into the office and I felt like crying. I sat in a chair in the corner and made sure to stay away from everyone. I kinda tucked myself like a turtle. I must have looked crazy. The only thing that kept me from leaving was the stash of coins, a baseball card, tootsie roll, and a couple other things I brought to shove into my cast. My bear and I thought of it the other day. It really made the doctor laugh hard when he broke the cast away to find those things. I really acted well today and I deserve an Academy Award. Maybe my little man will let me borrow his when he wins.

I think that I am going to do well as soon as this med is gone. Tomorrow is my first day without it. It might be hell on me for the next week but I know I can survive. I go back to work on Sept 10th...the 11th is my little man's birthday. I am excited. Its the first one I will celebrate with him.

I am so blessed to have a few great friends in my life. They have shown me that I did slip off the cliff but they have a hold of me and are slowly but surely pulling me to safety with the grace of God. Thank you so much for that Lord. Thank you.

Prayers please for my friend Curt.

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