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This is me - Trigger -if it gets deleted I understand

Posted by Hurricane2 , 12 November 2012 · 29 views

I'm never sure what to tell people but the truth seems to be the thing to tell instead of all the lies I had told in the past.I have been R*ped twice as a child and once as an adult. I have been severely bullied as a youth including made to put d*g s**t in my mouth and another occasion forced to watch as a friend was being an*ly r*ped well they attempted to and I was frozen with fear. The principal interfered in time. I ran home like a little girl when the bullies chased me once it had gone on for an entire week. My mom and dad had waited for me at home and confronted the boys. It helped a bit.

Being a transgender person was not easy it must have shown through which is why all the boys bullied me and the girl did not want anything to do with me. Also the girls did not trust a liar as the first r*pe at school the teacher had to use my experience to teach a class and I wanted nothing to do with it. I DID NOT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW,and said that it had not happened to me. Talk about confusing me and my peers. F**K what was wrong with that F**K*NG teacher someone tell me.

I've since been in a psych ward, again on anti depressants and anti psychotic I think it's ambilify. I'm now living at the YMCA. I'm unemployed a boy on the outside and a woman on the inside. WOW okay i'm going to add to this later thanks for reading it takes a little more off my chest.

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