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In It She Absconds (continued)

Posted by Hurricane2 , 03 August 2012 · 5 views

She's a sandy beach blonde
Waking a long long shore
And she remembers when she looked outward
O how she enveloped his being
Gave herself to his fire
And let herself Like a whick in gasoline
Together The fire burnt like water
Fluid as thick as melted sugar
and their souls cracked
And splintered like shattered mirrors.

She stumbles from the room of fog
From the hot shower running and the glass on the floor
Bloodied foot prints on the tiled floor
the steam keeps rising
She absconds in it.

She brushes the bloodied glass
from her hands
Sitting on the cold tile floor wipes the shards
from the soles of her feet
Looking into the distance she is awed
There's a dark thunderous storm coming
and from where she sits
only the running shower can be heard

She peers into the dark quiet
where thunder is mute, lightning bright
The rolling Thunderheads
Become black petals of flowers that will rise up
Mist and dust
for her to abscond into.

She sees him unconscious in the broken glass
Rolls him on his back picking the shards
From his skin and hair
Reaches to turn off the running water
and as the water stops
and he opens his eyes
Thunder cracks through her
And she becomes the thread
That connects me to the past
Remenbering the demon that tore us apart
And the tears that are shed
bring us together We no longee abscond to the dark.

We are a snady beach blonde
walking under a threatning sun
Coming alive from the rain
Drowns the demon That tried to crush us.

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