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In It She Absconds (a poetic bio)

Posted by Hurricane2 , 03 August 2012 · 7 views

She"s a sandy Beach Blonde
Walking a long shore
through the winds of time
Every step to this world her bond
Does not quake from what they tore
Though quiet in this storm she is,
In the dust stirred never settled
In't she absconds.

She strolls with the mist of the wake
That breeze brushing her hair
Nature at her commandBleeds from her fair
As the sun crushes the horizon
And the heavens spill onto her landscape
She drinks the event (willingly)
Like a poison passion poured into her cup
(willingly) she drinks what they poured

She's a sandy beach blonde
walking a long long shore
with a chained dirk around her neck
Her bare feet stride in the waters
Free's her from the depths of the darkness
Momentarily - Breifly - a passion's second,
And the Darkness swallows her up again
Just like the damp starless night
With only the voice of the waters
Surging through the rocky shore
Polished shell fragments cutting her feet.
And the dust of the many that have come
Never settles
She Absconds in it (to be continued)

July 2016

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