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painful thoughts

Posted by pinky1990 , 01 November 2012 · 70 views

i cant handle the pain! no one wants to help it seems like! no one cares! now that shes gone my world is falling apart!

Losing someone you care about and love is always a difficult and painful thing to deal with, but you're never alone in the pain or loss. There are people out there who can relate and understand what you're going through, people who care about what you are going through, people who want to help, even if all they can do is listen to what you have to say so that you can vent your feelings or talk about their own experience so that you can maybe hear something you need to hear in order to begin healing or at the very least coping with a loss that has devastated you. The only thing one can do after a loss is move forward with life and remember the good times, honor their memory, learn from the experiences had with that person. Take some time if you must to morn, but don't let the pain take you over, don't let it linger too long. The best way to honor a loss is to pay your respects and find a new way to be happy, whether it's with someone else or whether you search within yourself through art, writing, volunteering, getting a pet, gardening, yoga, meditation, or other positive things you can do to cope, to heal. The pain of losing someone never does truly go away (not completely), and pain is harder to deal with the deeper the connection was, but in time, it will become easier to deal with and fade just enough to allow you to move forward and find new ways to be happy. It's okay to remember, but one can't live in the past, one must live in the present and live for the future. Good luck in your process of healing and I wish you much happiness and love as you move forward with your life.
Here for you Pinky anytime you want to talk, just a pm message away.
thank you Tainted15 and Irishleo. Tainted15 that really helps.

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