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Hibernating and Coffee

Posted by LBinON , 16 November 2012 · 249 views

I am currently hibernating. To the point where I have unplugged my phone (for the last week)and am only checking email once every other day.

And You know what? I LOVE it! It has been so great to get some quiet and a time to be reflective. and It has let me enjoy thing too, like taking the time to have coffee with a girlfriend I only see 3 or 4 times a year.
The reason I started hibernating was because I was stressed out about my VIS and I was pretty angry about some things (moRe on that Later), but the longer I do it the more I like it.

I am feeling lighter, I guess. Or at least better prepared to handle things. I find I am calmer with my daughter, and generaly happier so I guess it is ok for now

It's such a great feeling to turn the cell phone off. I did it once when telemarketers were calling me all day and it felt wonderful. Should do it again/more often.

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