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Good Things

Posted by LBinON , 22 August 2012 · 29 views

I thought I should have a list. A list of good things, things I like, things I am proud of, things that just make me smile. I figure it would be good to have, just to look at. Something to help me remember when I am screaming in anger or trembling in fear, that there are still good things out there, and, I do have my fair share of them.

 My daughter
 My boy friend
 A loving family
 I am standing up and saying NO
 I have great friends
 I took care of my dying mother
 The fact that the best hollandaise sauce my brother ever had was mine and I made it in a microwave
 That I can knit, crochet, embroider, crewel, cross-stitch, quilt, sew, and do most other needle crafts
 I can play the ukulele
 I can spell ukulele
 Skinny dipping
 American unsweetened ice tea
 My Kobo
 Reading
 Tom Lehrer tunes
 Sex
 The cherry bars my mom used to make and I have finally nailed the recipe for.
 Peach Torte
 The memory of the day my brother and I laughed ourselves silly in IKEA
 Ode to the Pope, #7) Racial Slurs, and other selected writings by S.Wm. B.
 Rose, Rose, I Love You as performed by Frankie Lane
 Rat hunting with straight pins
 First kisses
 Slow dances with a partner who can lead
 Burgundy Cherry ice cream
 “Knock on the door and it shall open unto you...” one of the most beautiful stained glass windows I have ever seen
 Old Neil Diamond tunes
 The Cottage
 Bright red shoes and yellow rubber boots
 Naked baby toes
 Bing Crosby movies
 Spell check

There are more, and I know I will probably add to this later, but this is a pretty good start. I know I’m smiling already.

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