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Camp continued

Posted by LBinON , 22 August 2012 · 46 views

Well camp was great.
I got there Thursday night and spent the evening shooting the breeze with my friend and his daughter. We talked of kids and camp and friends. We told the stories of our days and shared the sorrows of our year. It was truly wonderful to have that night to just touch base with each other. To sit around the camp and just enjoy; and there is a lot to enjoy there
The camp is set on 1000 of the most beautiful acres in the Allegany’s. There are majestic hardwood forests, a spring fed pond, sunlight clearings, and towering hills. It is almost a place out of time. The Dinning Hall is hung with memorabilia, the paintings of the crests of earlier camps chase round the top of the walls, and autographed paddles flank the handmade stone fireplace. The mantle of this fireplace is like a miniature Aladdin’s cave. Its contents are fluid; you never know just exactly what you will find there, but find things you will. There are books and badges, lost toys and missing crayons. You can find sparkles and Popsicle sticks from long forgotten crafts, half empty coffee mugs and missing flashlights. Just looking up there is like flipping through the pages of a scrapbook.

If you walk out of the dinning hall through the slightly battered wooden screen doors you might be greeted by the sounds of Pilliated Woodpeckers. And the sight that greets you in the morning is the mist rising off the pond and the dew silver on the grass. The chapel is nearby; it is up the hill, hidden in the trees, just out of sight. It is a quiet building of wood and sunlight, a peaceful spot even on days when the camp rings with the laughter and shouts of children. If you take the path the other direction, past the hand carved benches and totem poles, you will pass cabins with old metal bunks and campfire circles. You might see the pool or the out door movie theater. As you stroll down the path there are sections that are always shaded by the trees that grow so tall and full they meet above your head and other spots where you break into sunlight so bright it can hurt your eyes. It is such a special place, and it was a special gift to have the camp almost entirely to ourselves the first 12 hours I was there.

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