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Posted by LBinON , 01 August 2012 · 81 views

Recently someone on the forum posed a question about not knowing their beliefs. And that person seemed to be coming away from the beliefs they were raised in but had yet to find where their beliefs did lie. This caused me to reflect on my own ongoing journey of faith and belief.
What I came up with is this…

Faith is hard, weather you have it or not, if you have it you struggle to keep it, if you lost it you search for it and if you don't have it at all (ever or anymore) you question it, and it always seem like you have to defend your choice either way.

Over the past few years I have let go of a lot. I don't see the church the way I did, I think much of it is overrated symbolic hoo-haa. Not that that it doesn’t serve an important purpose, but it is important to me, to see the purpose and recognize it for what it is. I think my search/discovery for God is more important than believing in Jesus Christ. I look at the whole Bible as a teaching tool, not fact, not literal word, but a discussion point. I think that the whole idea of needing someone else to bring you closer to God is the biggest piece of.... (Well you can guess), not that it doesn’t help many times, but as a necessary element, no.

All that being said...
I regularly choose to go to, and am a member of, the Anglican Church of Canada.
I believe that their is a God
I believe that God wept over the actions of others
I believe that God is always there to support me (not take over but to hold me)
I believe that Figuring out weather you believe, and what that belief may look like - even if the choice is not to believe, is more important than blind faith.
And I believe that God Loves me. And you. And all of us.

good luck, I hope we all find the answers we are looking for.

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