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Why I Tell July 27th

Posted by LBinON , 29 July 2012 · 67 views

I tell my mother so that it stops
I tell the police looking for protection
I tell SC so other are safe
I tell the church looking for answers
I tell lovers that I might find understanding
I tell the police because they ask
I tell my friend for comfort
I tell my father because I must
I tell my therapist for validation
I tell the Priest for solace
I tell a Scouter because my heart demands it

It stops but I am silenced
I am told I am not important enough
Only to have my anonymity violated
And find only excuses
Knowing they donít want to know the details
Now that they want my help
But I donít want to spread the filth
How can I tell the court if I donít
Struggling for healing
Searching for grace
Praying for understanding.

Trigger Warning


This Blog contains real words, detailed descriptions, and raw content. Please be aware that some people may find certain elements disturbing or triggering. I urge you to be mindful of that fact, and proceed with caution :)

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