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Really emotional today . . . moved by your alls stories.

Posted by sherodon , 04 September 2012 · 74 views

Dont really get why but I cant stop crying. Just feelin really exhausted I can hardly hold my eyes open.

I just wish that things would have worked out, and that I wouldnt have pissed him off, and that he was able to control his anger.

We coulda had something really good.

I might just be havin an emotional day. I dont know if yall know how strong you guys seriously are. I was just looking around at some of your stories and tears were just rolling down my face seeing everything that you have been through, and that your still breathing. For everyone of you who feels like a failure, there is some one who is in a way worse spot who is looking at your stories wishing they could be as far in their healing as you are.

:tear: I would say more but I really cant stop crying.

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