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Being overly sensitive

Posted by sherodon , 28 August 2012 · 90 views

So last night I got into over text with the ex boyfriend, and I had been thinking about it all day, so when my friend came over I read her some of the messages. They were really personal and for some reason I thoughht she would get that it was hard for me to share that stuff.

The messages were about saturday night and how what we had together wsa not consentual. They were seriously like really personal messages, and when I read them to her she called me weird. :(

They were like me tellin him that I was still upset and couldnt talk to him and it was him telling me to get over it and move on from it so we can stay friends.

Well when she said that I was like well arguin with him is so exhausting, like I cant ever talk out loud about the things he has done to me without having to lie down and take a nap. I was like I should look into that I dont know if that's normal.

She called me a freak. She was forreal like your a freak. Like I know that I am bein to sensitive but it pissed me off so bad. It makes me never want to talk to her ever again forreal. I was supposed to go drink at her house with her tonight and drive her home from work, but I think that I am just gonna drop her off, because being this upset and being around her probably isnt a good idea.

Like I just dont get how some people can be so rude and so mean spirited. It doesnt make any sense to me.

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