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Ugh Sick and Tired of Everything (very negitive)

Posted by sherodon , 26 August 2012 · 99 views

So I am just pissed at every one today, this is me placin blame I guess.

My mom just screamed in my face. Because she had a glass of water and wanted me to taste it because the color looked off and I said no. She said I never do anything for her.

I forgave a friend for stealing from me and now this is the second night in a row that she has blown me off. Just made plans with me and then never texts me back.

My cousin is going on and on to our whole family sayin that I'm bein mean to her, because I told her she ignores me and only calls me when she needs somethin. I said it because its true.

And my bestfriend hasnt talked to me in three days, because she got a new boyfriend and there is nothing in the world that will come between her and any man. Random new guy in town or not.

And on top of it I had a really bad night with the ex boyfriend last night. Like really bad, and there is no one to talk to about it except for my bff Sport. (thats my dog lol) He's a great listener but he could work on his advice giving lol.

This is my life. No job, no boyfriend, no friends. I aint close to any one. I am tired of being everyones fall back plan or their favor doer, the one that everyone only calls when they need a favor, otherwise there to busy to have anything to do with me. And I am really tired of my moms shit. She picks a fight with me after every bad day, and turns everything around to the fact that I dont have a job. There is no getting along with her. I wish I had some money so I could move far far away and never talk to any one from around here ever again.

I am so done. with every one and everything. No one ever listens or takes the time from their day to have anything to do with me. I know I sound bitter and thats because I am. I am sick of being treated this way.

I hate everything.

just my rant for the day.

Go ahead and rant and get it all out. You don't deserve to be treated that way.

I can relate to a lot of what you said. It sounds similar to my life. I'm sorry that you are being treated this way. I'm here for you if you need me. Take care.

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