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Posted by sherodon , 11 August 2012 · 41 views

This is so tough. Feelin soo alone. Think I'm just gonna give in and head over to the exboyfriends tonight. Cant stand being by myself all the time. It seriously is like everysingle person in my life is so unstable. I feel like I'm walking through life in a constant earthquake like I cant have any thing or any one that can just be solid for me.

I cant have a conversation with my mom with out her walking away in the middle of it or just tottally getting distracted and ignoring me. My so called bestfriend never has any thing to say to me unless shes got some guy involved in it. My cousin never calls me back or comes around unless she's asking for something, and after that, there is no one else to list. Sounds so pathetic.

I just really wish I had some one that I could rely on that I could just once see some one follow through with any promise that is made to me.

What a coincidince he just text me as I'm writing this stuff. Seems like the crazy ones always know right when to show up. Thats fabulous the most stable person in my life is my abusive ex boyfriend. How fantastic.

Whats worse having self centered people surrounding you or not having any people at all? Sometimes it's hard for me to see the difference between the two.

Nope scratch that he text me and said do you really want me out of your life for good because if you do I will delete your number. I said why. He said just was curious.

He doesnt even give a shit whether he ever hears from me again or not. Fuck everything.

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