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Day nummberr fooour lol

Posted by sherodon , 04 August 2012 · 48 views

So today is day number four with out him and im feeling pretty exhausted. Last night I went out with my cousin and we went to this festival and went bowling, and there was no one in the whole wide world blowing up my phone or telling me to hurry up and get done and come see him or randomly demanding that he show up to make sure no guys were there. It was nice :)

He did call and harrass me after words though throwing questions at me so fast I didnt havve time to answer them all before he accused me of somethin new but that was my fault for answering and at least it didnt happen until wayy after the night was already a success!!

So tonight I'm supposed to go to this party and my haha ex lol thats still weird to say, but he doesnt know I'm going out tonight so there is no chance he can ruin it, and I dont know any one in the whole group that I'm going with besides ma bff lol so it should be real good!

Im excited!!

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