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I think I made a huge mistake! well its only been three hours . . .

Posted by sherodon , 27 July 2012 · 92 views

Ugggggggh. :rant: I think I made a huge mistake. I love my boyfriend why did I break up with him. I'm just ranting. It's only been three hours lol. :duh: No one else is gonna ever want to be with me. He really loves me as long as two people love each other thats all that matters right?? He was being the best person he could be, even if that meant he had a little trouble controling his anger, he had a hard time accepting no, and he couldnt help but talk to other girls every once in a while. I act like he has all the problems but clearly its me because who in the world wants so bad to leave some one, finally does it and then three hours later changes their mind? lol Like wtf?? :doh: hmmm.

Clearly I'm the crazy person. Every body has their issues detatching myself from him is clearly mine. I dont want to be alone either. This is tough maybe I just need a hobby. He just picked me and my best friend up, paid for our lunch, and bought me a pizza to take home because he knows im broke right now. What kind of person would want to leave some one like that?
He always lets me come over when ever I want. Whenever I just need to get away from my mom.
He just lies some times. Which sucks. and is a little bit controling. Which sucks even more.

For those of you who read this pay no mind I just needed to get my craziness out and stop myself from texting him lol.

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