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Is it just me? It sounds rediculous but Im worried about the girls hes cheating with . . . . .

Posted by sherodon , 16 July 2012 · 75 views

I dont know about any one else but my sexually abusive boyfriend cheats on me alot. I know I should be mad about the fact that he does this but the only thing in the past two weeks that I can focus on is the other women. I am EXTremely worried that he may be doing to to these random strangers what he does to me. I would feel soooo guilty if that was the case. He is a bit on the touchy side most days but yesterday I even started crying I was just so worried about it so when he asked me to come over I said of course because I wanted to ask him. I was very nice and calm about it I said I dont know if your in the mood to talk tonight but if you are can I ask you just one question and we never have to talk about this again. Just a few days before this we talked about the things he does to me and he didnt really get that mad he just pretty much shrugged it off and said that he would give me some space for a while in that sort of way, but when I asked him about other girls he had a totally different reaction. All I said was, "you know how sometimes you want to be intimate when I dont? Well does that ever happen with any of the other girls?". And he just flipped out he asked me to leave so I did, when I got up and went for his bedroom door he grabbed me and said that he was leaving not me. Thats when I just kept apologizing and asking him what I should do. I just wanted to do what ever was going to make him happy and thats when he told me to leave so I did. Then he called me back forty five minutes later and said I had to come back. I try to be forgiving, of everything, but If I found out he is doing this other people I wouldnt know What to do. I feel responsible for the way he acts and he always told me that If I would just let him do more with me in the bedroom that he wouldnt have to cheat. I just wouldnt know how to respond to that. I cant let him hurt other people like that I would have to do something about it. . . .

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