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Trip to the crisis center

Posted by sherodon , 11 July 2012 · 83 views

ugggh my stomach is starting to hurt. I was cool but since coming on this site you know and looking around I guess its starting to hit me though. It hasnt really hit me yet it wont until I get there Im good at that holding of all emotion until i absolutely have to.

I just got into a huuuuge argument with my mom. Shes thinking about kicking me out. I told her I was taking my friend and her dog to the vet since theres one right next to the crisis center incase any one seen my car. She told me she'd let me know when I got back. It's not her fault she has absolutely no idea that any of this is going on. Besides her the only other place I got is my boyfriend. Shit. I hope shes just in a bad mood and that she will get over it. I do not think what is happening is abuse, but if I am told today that it is, then its going to make staying with him until i find a place very difficult.


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