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Why can't I stand up to my family?

Posted by thisisjay , in Family 14 September 2012 · 121 views

Why is it that when we're around family we seem trapped in the behaviors we had as children. Or am I the only one this happens to?

For example:

My Aunt M was right next door at my grandma's house. (Yes, unfortunately we live that close.) I had been home from classes for less than an hour. I always keep my phone on vibrate while in class and after classes I often forget to turn it off vibrate. She called wanting me to bring her over some paperwork for my mom. I didn't answer the phone because I didn't hear it vibrate. Mom called me right as Aunt M knocked on the door and the only reason I answered it was, not because I heard it, but because I saw it light up as I was getting up to answer the door. Aunt M was mad at me for not answering. Then as I was listening to mom tell me where the paperwork was, Aunt M got mad that I turned away from her to get the papers for her. I told her that I didn't hear it vibrate and she sat there and scolded me and accused me of lying. She then started to go on about how I should automatically turn up the volume on my phone. I sat there and said nothing.

Why can't I stand up to her? I don't think it was as big of a deal as she made it out to be. I mean she was right next door. What was she mad she had to get up? Excuse me if my first priority when I get home isn't to turn up my phone volume. I was more concerned with the online test I had to take and then making myself the first meal I've had all day. I had literally been sitting down for maybe 10 minutes. Excuse me for not thinking of it. Why couldn't I just tell her that? Why do I let her intimidate me and make me feel bad? I don't understand why I just can't stand up for myself around my extended family. I'm not a child anymore. I have a voice. Why can't I use it? I hate that she makes me feel this way. I can never stand up to her no matter how big or small the situation is. Sometimes I try and they just squash me down like they're right and what I say doesn't count. I hate that.

Trigger Warning

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