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Important Events Timeline

Posted by thisisjay , in School 23 August 2012 · 124 views

So for one of my psych classes I have to make a little timeline of important events that happened in my life. Problem is all of the most important events in my life were not things I want to share.

My timeline would be something like this:

Age 4-Mother divorces physically abusive father & marries child molester that treats me like his slave
Sometime between Ages 4-10 Sexual abuse starts
Age 10-Stepfather goes to jail
Age 15-17 So depressed I can't go to school and start self-harming
Month before I turn 17-Drop out of high school
Age 18-Get GED, Start community college
Age 20-transfer to four year college

Then we have to put where we think we'll be in five years

Age 25-Grad School?

I have to do this by Friday and there are only about four things I can put on this list birth, community college, four yr colleg, and grad school. Nothing significant, that was good, happened between birth and college. I broke my arm once I guess I could put that being the only bone I've ever broken, as long as I don't say that my sister is the one who broke it. But I've never really been on any vacations, never had boyfriends, never had anything that "normal" people have as they grow up. I'm not even sure where I want to be in five years so I don't really know what to put for that either.

This assignment has made me see just how different my life really is from other people's. I saw some other people doing theirs and they had all these things that I missed out on. It's assignments like this that make me really feel like a freak who's childhood was taken from her.

Well your not a freak.

They were writing about all the good things that have happened to them in their lives, and you get to right about the way that you made your own life good.

Your awesome and stay strong. I dont see anything weak about anything you said, it actually sorta leaves me in aww.

Your an awesomely strong person and it sounds like you really know how to take care of yourself and turn your situation around. I am sure your instructor would love to hear about all of the good that you have created in your life with school, with what sounds like very little, if any help from the family.

Did you notice, that you and the person that you seen writing that paper are in the same class and the same spot in life as you are, and you dont even have part of the back around that they have.

You can do this your awesome dont forget that!!

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