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First Day Back to Classes

Posted by thisisjay , in School 20 August 2012 · 78 views

First of all thank you to all my pocket riders. Knowing that you are all so supportive and would jump in my pocket literally gave me strength and calmed my nerves today.It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It never is I guess, but I always imagine the worst anyway.

Since it was the first day back to classes we got out of them early which was lucky because I definately would have been majorly late driving around looking for the buildings and then parking lots within walking distance of them. I did get a verbal warning (a nice one) from a parking lady for parking in a blue decal (falculty/staff) parking lot but it didn't unnerve me. She directed me to a fairly close red decal (mine) parking lot. Blue gets all the best lots, right outside the buildings. I only have 10 mins to get from building to building between my 2nd and 3rd class on Mon and all classes on Wed and Fri so I might end up being a little late to some of my classes since some are across the campus and some of the parking lots aren't very close. Wed and Fri I'll have to do this whole searching thing again since some of my classes switch buildings those days, but Tues and Thurs I'll have plenty of time between classes.

Other than that the classes today were just your typical first day introductory classes. I saw a few familiar faces, one girl who was my classroom buddy in former classes, so I might have her to talk to in classes again. I also initiated small talk to a couple strangers which is something I haven't done in years. I met a girl let's call her K who was nice. We talked a little. She may become a classroom friend if we ever get seated next to each other again. The class is so big it's doubtful. I doubt she'll become an actual friend none of my classroom friendships ever leave the classroom.

I also discovered that apparently I sweat more than anyone else on campus. I felt like a giant sweaty pig half the day. And I remembered why I wear flip flops pretty much year round because oddly no matter how much walking I do my feet never hurt in them but the tennis shoes I wore today do. I also need to remember to maybe freeze a bottle of water overnight and bring it with me so that I can have something cold to drink all day.

All in all it wasn't a bad day. The main thing I was stressing out about was finding buildings/parking lots and being able to make it to my classes on time. I'll probably be a little stessed about doing it again Wed but since I've already done it once I'll be fine. I'm sure more stress will kick in once the work starts getting intense and I'm sure sometimes I'll get lonely but hopefully I will make some friends. But I know as long as I have you all my dear friends, cheering me on and encouraging me, I will be fine. So thank you all for being here for me even when my stressors are a little ridiculous.

You will make friends, and finding place will become so much easier.

The best way to make a day good is a positive attitude.

Hope your second day get even better.


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