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Posted by thisisjay , in Family 14 August 2012 · 106 views

My sister had the gall to call me ungrateful tonight. I do everything for her and everyone else. I always put everyone ahead of myself even when I know I shouldn't and I almost never get anything, not even a thank you. Then my sister or someone does me one little sort of kindness and gets all hissy with me because I'm not impressed.

Example: My s...


My Mother's Bubble

Posted by thisisjay , in Family 05 August 2012 · 189 views

My mother lives in her own little bubble and cannot see anything outside her bubble. She has her views of the world and nothing can ever change them. No reason, no logic, or recorded evidence could change her view. She's never realized that living in her bubble harmed me. That by staying inside it, I was suffering. If she realized what she was doing,...


Family Drama

Posted by thisisjay , in Family 24 July 2012 · 126 views

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. She turned 46. Two of my aunts, some cousins, my sister, and my grandmother came over with cake and ice cream. I usually avoid my family at all costs. I usually only see most of them a couple times a year. That's about all I can take. They're just so in-your-face about eveything, no subject is off limits, t...

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I am not censoring anything I say in this blog so please be careful when you read it.

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