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This is BS

Posted by writer2010 , 30 June 2014 · 21 views

Sometimes, especially lately, I cannot help but wonder why? Why, in terms of, the idiots getting away with it. This is just family in general: dad, Andrew, mom in ways and certain other relatives.

I hate being under dad's insurance -- but I did find out that I can move under another policy's account and stepdad, from what I heard, has the same insurance....


Money and Family (rolls eyes)

Posted by writer2010 , 29 June 2014 · 18 views

So I have yet to really address this somewhere and since T is gone for another week, want to rant here:

Well a few days ago, I finally texted my aunt on dad's side and basically said that I needed an answer that yes she would pay me back the rest of the loan I lent her or no and just be honest of it. Unlike the other times really, she responded and then...


Go Away Nerves

Posted by writer2010 , 28 June 2014 · 27 views

So I am literally sitting outside my weekend workshop for the writers class because I got here too early, which is fine since I live a bit farther than most; but, God I was feeling almost nauseous prior to coming here like having to go to bathroom and throat tension/almost want to throw up.

I can see why I might have got like this on the actual first da...


On Edge (anxiety triggers)

Posted by writer2010 , 27 June 2014 · 26 views

So an official trigger to the anxiety is when I know that I will not see my T. She is gone for another week; and I see her the following Monday/her first day back.

But, on my day off/me day, I start feeling off like I am holding my breath or just cannot quite breath so it naturally freaks me out to some degree so I struggle to calm it down. I am not hype...


Embarrassed (ultrasound/pelvic exam)

Posted by writer2010 , 26 June 2014 · 43 views

So my gynecologist sent me to one of those oncologist place. And I knew going in that it was both external and internal lab. But, okay here is what I am trying not to feel somewhat traumatized by, but after the ultrasound where they roll camera over your belly, I was told to go to the bathroom. Then, came back and got prepped for the internal. Okay, so I...


Nerves/Tired/Life (Long Rant)

Posted by writer2010 , 25 June 2014 · 10 views

It has been a busy week so far. Which is good since I completed my third interview earlier. Think it went well. Find out by Friday if I got the job.

Tomorrow is another interview for part time. I also feel my stomach possibly tensing since I have my pelvic/ultra sound exam for both external and internal camera. I am more nervous for the if they will find...


Acting Class

Posted by writer2010 , 24 June 2014 · 23 views

So after weeks (well technically 2-3 years) I attended an acting class meet and greet. Found myself having high anxiety like my feet and hands were drenched. A lot of it was just me over analyzing stuff so naturally I slipped back into an old habit. But sat it out. Felt like running out of there but was trying to mentally tell myself that it is just anxie...


Self Doubt

Posted by writer2010 , 24 June 2014 · 27 views

Yesterday was my first day of the writers lab. I am so damn intimated and automatically do the whole, "I suck/everyone here is better than me," etc.

We played a game where we pulled two different movies from a hat and, basically, had to use the premise of both films and make our own. Everyone had great ideas but, then, my turn, I was stumped. I told my...


Great... (On a rant)

Posted by writer2010 , 23 June 2014 · 22 views

So I had to see my doctor in order to get a lab form. Been feeling sluggish a bit so want to make sure that chloestrol and all is fine. But, then, he told me that my gynecologist (they are in same building so automatically get results from each other) wrote to him in results that I have adrenalin gland. Something above my kidney that causes excessive hair...



Posted by writer2010 , 22 June 2014 · 21 views

So I landed a third interview with HomeGoods. Assuming that they must have liked me the other day at interview so scheduled in to meet another manager in three days.

Having small amount of nerves, but nothing drastic (well I did feel out of breath a bit earlier), since ahh it seems like things are happening fast. I mean, it is a good thing but I still se...

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