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I do not feel normal lately

Posted by writer2010 , 05 September 2012 · 21 views

But yet again, I have been told that "normal" does not exist. I just been bummed every time after my stupid writing shorts class. I know, how pathetic but I spoke with my professor for some guidance with writing and eventually I said something which led to another and before we left, she told me to possibly seek help at school counseling but to get help so I do not let the words of people who have put me down before with the writing. She said not to let others ruin my creativity; but of course, she does not know everything about my life just like I do not know hers fully. I have just been angry and then I bawl my eyes out over everything. From him to my father, whom I sometimes miss but I think I miss the fact that I wish I had a dad, and the whole stupid "my life did not turn out the way I pictured it." I just keep everything bottled up and it makes me pissed that my mother will not listen to me or when she "feels like," then I am a liar and whatnot.

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