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Just another little update

Posted by writer2010 , 11 August 2012 · 24 views

So got my classes all settle for fall, my books purchased, and now I am just taking the time to relax and enjoy. Love when I get the house to myself! I seriously can write, read, watch TV shows and the movies I love <3

Also, I got a call from a production company, won't say since I do not want to ruin it or anything, and got a phone interview. I had a rough few days, mainly due to me stressing about internships/jobs and just everything combined makes it a bigger trigger :/

Still learning, I suppose, with just life itself. I am trying my best not to stay so pissed about why certain things happen or why people do and act the way they do. Guess they will have to answer at the end of their life; but I have faults too, so we all do.

Also, I feel bad putting this, but I have been reading "50 Shades of Grey" and it is a good book, minus those controversial "scenes," but I feel a bit guilty at times since it deals with that "stuff." I am reading it just because all the hype and plus I love to read books that are to be adapted into films. I do not know, maybe just over paranoid, but I am more than halfway through it and some stuff is cringy and "giggling" parts.

Has anyone else read or is reading it? Thoughts? I always get like this a bit when many of us can relate to some of the characters or scenarios.

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