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feeling cr*p today

Posted by survadvo , 09 July 2012 · 68 views

was really ill earlier, had such bad pain in my lower abdomen, i couldn't stand i couldn't sit, threw up due to the pain. it lasted about 20 minutes of excruciating pain. it was so bad i couldn't stay still. i was trying to tear my clothes it was that bad and sudden and strong ! now i just feel sore and the occasional shooting pain. my ex was with me at the time and wanted to ring an ambulance but by the time he had decided that it had started to ease. i got up, managed to cook dinner and then fell asleep for 3 and a half hours. i must admit im a bit worried...

bit of a delicate subject next
but we had just had sex which is the first time i have felt aroused since about a month before court which was the 21st of may. he was very gentle and took things at my pace, i felt uncomfortable so asked him to stop. he did. i lay on the bed feeling like a cramping feeling thats when it hit me. he pain was awful ...

i just don't know what caused it. i haven't had a period in around 4 months however due to the stress i have been going through im not surprised, i also have polycycstic ovarian syndrome which makes me have irregular periods (although i must admit this is a rather long time)

im scared to go and get checked out, i think its just related to the ptsd ... (stress / trauma) .... its in my head

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