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biggest fears and new attitudes

Posted by survadvo , 06 July 2012 · 32 views


- failure in career
- mental health problems long term
- failure in relationships
- never having closure
- release of my perp


- sometimes we have to take a step backwards in order to progress forwards
- i have to be proactive with my healing to prevent relapses *its ok to take my time*
- i have been through a life different from the people around me, they have achieved different things to me. il get there when i have the strength too
- i already have some closure and as my healing progresses il have more closure. it will come.
- when that day comes, the release of my perp, il be a stronger person, and il be protected by loved one and authorities

I love those attitudes.. i am sure you can do anything u put your mind to. I see your stre ngth xx
I really love the post, hope all goes well for you. Thank you too for keeping strong :hug:
thinking of you.. like this exercise and your attitudes.. I understand your fears.. tgc
tre x
Starq, writer and theresa thank you all for the comments. Thank you for seeing my strength... It did feel good turning all my negatives into empowering statements for myself. Haven't quite done that before. Although I did feel a bit insane theoretically talking to myself haha hope you are all well.

Take good care of yourselves


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