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My Life story

Posted by laylah2987 , 09 June 2012 · 16 views

Who knew that my life would have turned out this way? :confused: Who knew that the person who supposedly protected me ended abusing me mentally, sexually, and verbally? Who knew? If I had known that on the day that my mother gave birth to me, i would have had such a painful, traumatic life, i would have tried to go back in her womb :lol:
When I came to this state, i had the idea of living happy with my brothers, cousins, aunties,etc :yahoo: but i was living in fairy tale dream. there was no such a life like this. Once I was done unpacking, this fairy tale dream came into a horrific dream that i thought i could come out of. I had never once wanted to live this nightmare. Everything turned 180 without even blinking my eyes. The day, I stepped out of the plane that was when my life flipped. i once was a happy child playing with dolls, playing hop-scotch with my friends, now i am a victim of child slave, a victim of sexually assault. Who knew??

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