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The Wounded Child & The Higher Purpose


From: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Healing

Posted by marlene49 , in Healing, Inspiration, Spiritual 24 June 2012 · 48 views

I read these wishes and they are all things that I have wished for.

The things that I wish for the most out of all of them?

I wish someone had told me that depression is a disease in much the same way as diabetes - the medication is necessary to replace the chemical imbalances that the brain cannot produce
I wish someone had told me that a wound often needs to be revisited several times before the healing is complete - because the human mind can only take so much pain at one time before it either implodes or explodes
I wish someone had told me it doesn't mean that it is healed just because it's the first time I am able to face a new memory - and that the next time the memory resurfaces it can be equally as painful before final healing takes place
I wish someone had told me that doubt will constantly creep back - that knowing I didn't deserve it as an adult does not mean that my inner child will not need constant reminding and love to help her accept it
I wish someone had told me that even when everything is going perfectly well and that I am living what I have always wished for, there would "always" be a part of me, holding my breathe, waiting for everything to stripped away from me again (I don't know why that triggers but it does... a deep, penetrating sadness in my heart :tear:

Source: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Healing


The Wounded Child Becomes The Adult Victim - Triggers

Posted by marlene49 , in Healing, Spiritual, Inspiration, CSA 09 June 2012 · 80 views

One of the questions I have consistently asked myself is WHY ME ?

Which then provokes a whole stream of other questions such as:

What did I do to deserve this?
Why was I born if it was to constantly suffer in this way?
What is my purpose?

Those questions not finding any answers, I always came to the conclusion that:

I was worthless
I must...

June 2012


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