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From: Reasons why I shoudn't give up.

Posted by Lockheartedbutterfly , 05 November 2012 · 50 views

1. I have a love waiting on me
2. I'm not done yet
3. I dont have kids
4. i haven't gotten married
5. my pets would have no one to bug
6. my attacks arn't who i am
7. I love music to much
8. I have so much potential
9. Life is beautiful
10. I didn't deserve it
11. I'm in love,Really in love
12. I cant wait to kiss my love for the first time in years
13. i haven't seen my siblings grow up yet
14. i'm an aunt
15. i cant let my attackers win
16. i'm just to damn stubborn

Source: Reasons why I shoudn't give up.

Not only that butttttt, to be in love some one has to love you back.

You are loved :)

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