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From: Reasons why I shoudn't give up.

Posted by Lockheartedbutterfly , 05 November 2012 · 51 views

1. I have a love waiting on me
2. I'm not done yet
3. I dont have kids
4. i haven't gotten married
5. my pets would have no one to bug
6. my attacks arn't who i am
7. I love music to much
8. I have so much potential
9. Life is beautiful
10. I didn't deserve it
11. I'm in love,Really in love
12. I cant wait to kiss my love for the firs...


to my schoolmate

Posted by Lockheartedbutterfly , 02 September 2012 · 43 views

To my schoolmate:
Do you even realize what you did? No, I donít mean the rape and molestation. I mean, the emotional turmoil you cause me when I go in that accursed Changing room? The sickening feeling of like and attachment, seeing your face almost every day! Course you donít.
You used me like a rag, you hurt me in more way you can ever count! Yo...


Phrases that burn me up and should be banned

Posted by Lockheartedbutterfly , 13 June 2012 · 35 views

Stop lying." I'm an honest teenager...
"He didn't do it,its all in you're head..." I'm not f***ing crazy!
"You were stupid to take the bike path" (That was lit and easy to see...)
"Shut up"
"I could give you a reason to cry" and number one!
"He didn't rape you...you did it to you're...


33 things that make me more that a victim ((add more later))

Posted by Lockheartedbutterfly , 11 June 2012 · 25 views

1. I'm kind
2. I can't hurt anyone on ill intent
3. I learn t how to sing again
4.I have fallen in love
5.I'm a big sister
6. I'm a friend
7.I'm a daughter
8. I'm a girlfriend ((working on it))
9. i have a soul and heart
10. i have traced my family back to find out my roots
11. I'm in high school
12. i survived rape
13. I survi...


Healing exercise

Posted by Lockheartedbutterfly , 04 June 2012 · 21 views

I Am: Lovely
I Want: to be loved
I Wish: I was a rockstar
I Hate: when people misread me
I Miss: being a normal teenager
I Fear: being hated
I Hear: gross words
I Wonder: what love is like
I Regret: not telling things i should have
I Am Not: Crazy
I Dance: Even though i can't
I Sing: cause he wont take it from me
I Cry: when I need to
I Am Not Alway...

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