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at my breaking point

Posted by amber303 , 03 June 2012 · 16 views

i miss my family!!
i miss my brother i miss my sister! i miss all my cousins and niece and nephew!!
they dnt want nothing to do with me anymore.
i just dont understand they told me they believed wat my dad did but as soon as i reported it they made up all these stories to the police and i havent talked to them for 3 yrs.
i mean i cud b dead or hurt for all they no and they just dont care!!
i think about them almost everyday and i just dont no wat to do anymore!!!
its so hard to let them go!!
but how cud they still talk to him but just cut me out of their life i just dont understand!!
feel like im bout to have a breakdown..
its so hard to cope with everything..
and most of the time i dont..
i just try to forget or numb myself out but i cnt anymore..
just so lost and confused..
maybe some sleep will help..
today sucked ready for a new day!!

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