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i just feel sooooo......

Posted by amber303 , 25 November 2012 · 28 views

ASHAMED. Of myself, my life, what ive done, whats been done to me. Of everything! And it rlly effects my life an relationships with ppl. Its like im ashamed to b myself so i try to b somethin im not. Just rlly strugglin right now any advice?


at my breaking point

Posted by amber303 , 03 June 2012 · 14 views

i miss my family!!
i miss my brother i miss my sister! i miss all my cousins and niece and nephew!!
they dnt want nothing to do with me anymore.
i just dont understand they told me they believed wat my dad did but as soon as i reported it they made up all these stories to the police and i havent talked to them for 3 yrs.
i mean i cud b...



Posted by amber303 , 03 June 2012 · 17 views

when will the pain stop? will it ever stop? will i always b depressed always b alone? i used to feel so strong and not let anything bother me. but now i cry everyday. y do i feel so insignificant? like i cud die today and nobody wud notice or even care. and i no deep inside its not true. that my family and friends wud care but i still feel this way, like...

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