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Free Will

Posted by tpatt2008 , 09 November 2012 · 52 views

The right to choose is very important.
We live in a world of options, of opportunities.
Have it your way, the world says. Are you pro-choice, the government asks. Choose ye this day whom you will serve, warns the preacher.
Our very existence is built on the idea that we get to decide things.
Blue or black, stripes or polka dots, long or short, hot or cold, in or out.
Life is made up of decisions. Small ones and big ones. What school should I go to? Children or no children? Break the law or don’t break the law? DNR…or no DNR? Decisions, decisions, decisions.
But no one talks about the choices that are made for us. No one talks about the decisions we don’t get to make.
These are your parents. This is where’s you’ll be born. These are your siblings. This is your home. These are your talents. This person will hurt you. This person will steal from you. You will have cancer. You will die young. You will be white and you, black. You will be gay, straight bi, transgender. A hermaphrodite.
You will be good at math. You will be good at dancing. Certainly, I could try to be good at Reading instead. I could choose to read, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be good at it. That doesn’t mean that Reading will choose me.
And then there are the choices that we make without understanding that we are making them.
Choosing to be a democrat…because my father was one. Choosing to be Catholic…because my mom said if I don’t I’ll go to hell. Choosing the short skirt over the long one because I like it when men look at my legs.
Choose ye this day…
Make a decisions already, c’mon!
Just. do. It.
And then there are choices that lead to other choices that lead to other choices that lead.
Choose a college,
Choose a major,
Choose a career,
Choose a job,
Choose a spouse,
Choose to procreate,
Choose to be a good parent,
Choose to teach your child what your parents taught you (or not)
Choose to let your children choose,
Choose to retire.
I would say choose to die, but, well, you know.
Everything leads to everything. Everything is everything.
“Choose wisely,” the wise women will tell you.
“Think before you act.”
“Weigh all the options.”
“Choose between good and evil.”
“Right and wrong.”
Choose to do this…choose to do that…don’t choose this way…choose that.
Like choosing is so easy. Like choosing is innate. Like choosing is our God given right.
Oh, wait, it is. My mistake.
I guess some people choose to forget that part. They choose to forget about my right to choose.
They choose. They chose. They chose for me.
I guess you don’t realize what a blessing choice is until you no longer have it.
Until you’ve never had it and then, suddenly, one day, you do.
Until there are limitless options, and only one you to choose them.
Until a choice that you make costs you everything. Until a choice that you make changes everything.
Then, I guess, will you appreciate the right to choose.
Your God given right to choose. To wake up, get out of bed, and live.
Your God given right to decide, to think long and hard about what you should do, about what you want to do.
Your God given right.
It’s my God given right.
It’s my God given right, even if I don’t believe in God. It’s still my God given right.
Who are you to take that away from me?

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