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Busy Sunday

Posted by tpatt2008 , 03 June 2012 · 7 views

So much to do today, no time to dwell on other things. It will probably be like this for awhile. First day of work tomorrow. A good friend broke her leg the other day so she invited me to house sit for her while she's in rehab. That means I don't have to spend money I don't have trying to move into my own place before my boyfriend deploys. Yay for the new place, not for my friend's leg.

I didn't do so well on my quiz today, but idc because I did the best I could. I swear, those test questions are structured in the lousiest ways possible, just to confuse me. Grrr. Oh well.

I read a couple more blogs today. I think it's better for me to read them when I'm having good days, not when I'm have bad ones.

I decided to do something special for myself today and get my hair cut. I deserve it. I'm also gonna buy new work pants. With all the moving, I haven't really been adding to the wardrobe like I should. I keep donating and throwing things away. Not the worst problem to have.

We're still dog sitting. Bentley was barking and got in trouble. Now he's sulking in the bedroom with me. I admit it. He's cute. I still don't like dogs, though, lol. :P

That's all for now. Gotta go shower and pack!

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