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Posted by SarahB , 17 November 2012 · 65 views

I am not a skinny twig and no I donít wear designer clothes and I donít have a fancy car. I donít come from a family, which has money, and I pay for school myself. I am not one of the popular people and I am extremely shy. I canít dance, and I canít sing as much as I wish I could. Outside of photography and mediocre writing skills my level of talent is 0. I am teaching myself to play the electric bass and music wise I listen to everything from hard rock to classical. I am no beauty queen and I have few close friends, but those that I do have are the best one could ever ask for.

Looking at me one would see a short, chubby 21 year old who chooses to sit at the back of the room to avoid being asked to speak in class because it terrifies her. A nerd who is constantly reading; whether be it for school or it being fan fiction. I watch The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, and Sherlock and I am an Avengers nut. I have never dated and never been kissed.I am not Goth, punk nor a Satanist.

What I am is a rape survivor, a fan of Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne, along with many others. I am a daughter and a film student. I am friendly and caring and I have a passion for writing and photography and I am in love with one of my friends. I am a supporter of the LGBT community and proud to say so. Most of all I am ME and if you donít like me well then oh well thatís your loss. I love who I am and thatís all that matters. I couldnít care less about what others think.

I'm glad you are who you are, individuals are so much more interesting than the pop culture norm.

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