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Feeling lost and alone

Posted by MS7355 , 03 June 2012 · 9 views

It's a constant feeling of everyone around me just doesnt understand or want to. I have spent the majority of my life caring for others and being sensitive to the painful times that they have experienced in life but when I turn around and ask for the same, no one is there. I do have people in my life that care for me but when I have a breakdown and tell them the emotions that I feel, they are deer in headlights.

I feel as if inside I am screaming for someone to help me but no one will budge. I am constantly trying to pick up the pieces of my life but they keep falling out of my hands and no one is offering to help. They just keep telling me that they dont know what to say while staring at me and not moving. What seems more conflicting is that I dont have an answer for them or myself either. All I want is someone to hold me together while I fall apart.

I'm pretty sure I've written almost this same thing before--I know I've felt and thought it a lot. I don't have any advice, but I wanted to say you aren't alone. :hug: if ok

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