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Bad News

Posted by BrokenNeko , 28 April 2012 · 25 views

So apparently, life just hates me.

The trade school I go to said now that I obtained my associate's degree, I have to leave. just a few weeks ago, they said I could stay for a while longer and start my bachelor's. and now, yesterday, they called me in and told me I couldn't stay and have to leave.

I have no money. This means I have to go home. Where he is. I have to live with my r*pist.. I don't know what to do, and I don't have a choice.. He's my brother.. and my parents don't believe me about what he did.

I'm really freaking out.. :bawling:

Wow. I think I would be freaking out in your situation, too. I'm so sorry your parents aren't supportive and that this seems to be the only option you have. Is there some sort of welfare system you could appeal to for money in your country? Could you perhaps take up a loan or live with a friend?
Hope things work out for you.
Apr 28 2012 08:13 AM
This is horrible. Can you go back to them and ask them to reconsider? Why can't you do your bachelor's? Is there a counselling service you can go to to get help and advice?
This school is government run. Their rules state that once a student has obtained their associates they have to leave. I'm just.. if they had given me more warning, like, months ago, when i first told them i'd be getting my bachelor's, then I would have money saved up and this wouldn't be an issue.

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