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The "Picture"

Posted by angelbrowneyes , 27 April 2012 · 29 views

So on follow up of the last blog, the DA's office called me today and I was able to find out what the defense attorney wants to have excluded from the trail. While finding this out I also found out more of my daughters story. As I mentioned in previous blogs I did not question my daughter for any details. Why? I'm still not sure why I didn't when she first told me but after I talked to the detective he advised me not to, to protect her "statement" so in keeping true to that I STILL have not questioned her. Anyway lets get back on track, (this broke my heart all over again and I'm glad I was in public and with my daughter so I didn't lose my composure) apparently while being questioned by the CAC my daughter was asked to draw what this mans nether regions looked like and she apparently drew either a picture or some colors or maybe even both on it and so the detective got a subpoena to take a picture of his nether regions because he does in fact have a tattoo on it, THIS is what the defense attorney is trying to have "thrown out". Her reasoning is that he, the detective, should not have been able to take this photo. The real reason (in my opinion) is that this would basically seal the case. Besides the fact that her CAC interview, according to the detective, was VERY good: descriptive, detailed, and informative and many other good words that he used, this is evidence that they cant talk away.

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