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An activity plan that works?!

Posted by Tillit , 31 May 2014 · 134 views

So basically, the past week I've done something that I didn't know I could: I've made an activity plan, and actually stuck to it.
It started when I realized I should probably start getting out of the house rather than just sit inside with my laptop all day. Then I advanced that to making myself get out of the house and do something at least once every day. Granted, it's become more of an activity log than an activity plan, given that I keep not doing what's on the plan for then to go back to retroactively change that day's entry, but I've gone for six days now and have managed to do something all but one day :) !
Whenever I make plans like this one I have a tendency to just drop them and forget about them, so I'm happy I'm actually managing to stick to this one ;) !

Hurray! That's awesome progress. Sometimes, just throwing away the plans and running off to see what happens can be fun, too.

Haha, yeah. So long as I get out the door and do something every day, I'm more than happy.

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