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High hopes

Posted by Tillit , 22 April 2012 · 58 views

Short introduction. I'm male, in my 20's, European, and my user handle means "trust" in my first language. I'm a traumatized secondary survivor and I'm not sure what i'll use this site and blog for, but I'm glad to be here.
I know that I love writing and blogging, so you'll possibly see a lot from me here.
Stay safe all.

Hey Tillit welcome and being a secondary survivor is very hard because many times your racked with feeling powerless to help the person who is hurting and that can be a big problem. I hope you can find help here and I hope this place gives you somewhere safe to vent and share your story. Welcome :D
Thanks, feels good to come here and see someone has commented already. I feel very welcome here :) .
Glad to hear it yeah I was worried when I first came here too. Everyone is super nice and no judging. Probably one of the best sites I have ever been too lol. ohhh and since I have been dying to use this again as a welcome gift I present you withhhhhhh.....the dancing bunny!!!!1 :P :dancingbunny:

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