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serious question..

Posted by oma , 12 July 2012 · 82 views

Is it normal to feel yourself closing off the world around you. That you are pushing away all those that care about you, and it doesn't matter to you?
Because I do not understand what is happening to me.
Yes I have pushed people away and closed off before, but not like this... :confused:

Hmm...I feel this often a natural response for most of survivors. It's easier to push others away, especially those we feel are closest to us, as they have the ability to hurt us deeply. It's the fear of being hurt that makes us do this. I constantly battle this push and pull. I find I don't know where the happy median is.

I keep everyone at a distance. The only person I can't keep at a distance is my husband and that's only because we live together. LOL! I'm scared to let other "in" and allow to remain there. All my greatest friends live thousands of miles from me. It works for me about half the time, but there's the other part of me that wishes to have a close friend nearby. I wonder if I can really handle that without pushing her away.

Hang in there.
Take care.

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