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Dear Agony.

Posted by lizziecyn , 16 April 2012 · 32 views

My nightmares have gotten really bad lately.
Pretty much ever since I started my therapy.
I'm not blaming the therapy but, it has required to me start to really dig into my brain (so to speak) and remember what happened...
Well, it worked... a little too well. It has completely effected my dreams.
In some dreams, I have to stand there and watch what happened to me... In others, it's like it's happening all over again. I can feel what it felt like, I have the same reaction... I can't do anything to help myself or stop what happened.
I've tried to learn to take control of my dreams but, it never works. I'm always stuck in such fear that I can't help myself at all.
I wish they would go away. It's quite possibly the worst part of dealing with what happened.

I have a lot of strength... But these dreams are making it much harder to cope then it used to be. I hope they go away soon.

Apr 17 2012 05:13 AM
May I suggest trying to meditate before going to sleep. I tried that when I started having nightmares as well and it really helped me. There are several guided meditation podcasts available for free on ITunes.
I will look into that and try. Thank you.
Apr 17 2012 12:08 PM
I feel your pain. For me, nightmares are the worst part. I suggest talking to your doctor. Mine was able to switch my medications around to help with my nightmares. (She took me off of Effexor XR, which is known to cause vivid and unusual dreams, and put me on Clonidine, which is commonly prescribed to ease PTSD symptoms.) I hope that it gets better for you soon. Message me if you need someone to talk to.
I too have had the same thing happen to me after i started therepy. And all i can say is i wish you peace.i had to testify 2weeks ago against my attacker and since then the dreams have gotten worse. I know it doenst seem like it now but it will get better. Know that people are here to talk to you and that we care about you! I hope you have wonderful rest of the week!

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